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Blue Angels Academy is not only dedicated to early intervention for children on the Autism Spectrum, but we are also dedicated to developing and coaching educators, parents and other community stakeholders.  Blue Angels provides 21st Century training around the implementation of cutting-edge resources designed to improve academic and behavioral outcomes. Blue Angels staff consists of transformational educational leaders with proven abilities to coach educators and parents to ensure maximum student success.  Areas of expertise also includes large scale program implementation and oversite as well as identifying adequately aligned resources.  Additionally, Blue Angels staff consists of trendsetting leaders in the healthcare field with specialized training in neurodiversity and neurosciences. 

The Blue Angels Spectrum of Professional Development Services includes Program Implementation, Coaching and On-going Support in the following areas:

Area 1 – Early Intervention

Support educators and parents to

o Identify Root Causes.

o Develop Objectives and Activities.

o Set Intervention Selection Criteria.

o Apply Intervention Selection Criteria.

o Rate Intervention implementation.

o Select Intervention Alternatives.

Area 2 – Special Education Programming

Support with the development of systems for the following:

o Planning

o Progress Monitoring Tools.

o Evaluating program effectiveness.

Area 3 – Building effective Inclusive Practices

Blue Angels will Provide on-going support for full implementation of inclusive practices in selected educational environment (based on structure of organization)

o Observe current practices.

o Provide feedback to key stakeholders.

o Collaboratively develop a plan to ensure that practices are aligned with effective inclusive structures and provide on-going coaching during the implementation phase. 

student progress toward behavioral and academic goals. 

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