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Blue Angels Academy is a school designed to incorporate early intervention literacy, behavioral and social skills for students on the Autism Spectrum.  Students ranging from ages 2 – 6 are targeted for this comprehensive approach to a structure learning environment.



Students are educated in the least restrictive environment and given the opportunity to consistently interact with children who are not on the Autism Spectrum.  Blue Angels Academy is equipped with 21st century technology designed to promote interactive learning experiences that appeal to sensory needs. The small and nurturing setting allows for individualized learning and behavioral plans to be developed and fully executed based on each learner’s unique needs.   While Blue Angels celebrates creativity and provides opportunities for children to freely express themselves, we also provide routines and structures that are pertinent to the success of children with Autism.



Students are instructed by certified teachers with specialized training in Autism to include addressing cognitive and behavioral needs.  Blue Angels is committed to the on-going training and support needed to ensure that all staff are abreast of current practices, resources and implementation models. 


Related Services:

Blue Angels Academy has partnered with experts to provide related services that include but are not limited to:  Speech, Music Therapy, ABA, and Social Skills training.  Additionally, other enrichment activities are available based on student and parent interest (soccer, cheer, gymnastics, etc.)


Parents as Partners:

A Licensed Clinical Social Worker provides monthly support groups for parents.  Additionally, parents are provided opportunities to meet with the teaching staff each six weeks to review student progress toward behavioral and academic goals. 

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